* Sun Hardy Cultivars

C. sasanqua * most are sun hardy

C. japonica

White –

Polar Bear, White Nun, Man Size, Kamo-honami, Lovelight, Fimbriata, Nuccio’s Gem

Pink/Blush Pink –

Mrs. D.W. Davis, Hagoromo, Nuccio’s Pearl, Mrs. D.W. Davis Descanso, Desire

Soft to Rose Pink –

Carter’s Sunburst Pink (and sports), Fashionata, Elegans, Elegans Supreme, Pink Gold, Hanafuki

Red - *

The Czar, Great Eastern, Guilio Nuccio, Grand Prix, Grand Slam, Bob Hope, San Dimas, R.L. Wheeler Variegated

C. reticulata/reticulata hybrids –

Valentine Day, Dr. Clifford Parks*, Francie L*, Lois Shinault, Lasca Beauty, San Marino*, Crimson Robe*, Glorious Gift, Betty Ridley*, Dream Girl*, Jean Pursel, Mouchang*, Howard Asper*, Valley Knudsen*, Winters Own

Miniatures –

Pink Smoke, Man Size, Baby Bear, Snow Drop, Alpen Glow, Spring Mist, Dolly Dyer, Gay Baby, Fir Cone

Fragrant –

Lutchuensis (species), Fraterna (species), Fragrant Pink, Scented Gem, Scentuous, Spring Mist

Unusual –

Tiny Princess, Rosiflora (species), Brushfield’s Yellow, Dahlohnega, Elegans Champagne, Tama-no-ura, Unryu, and the Wirlinga series (Belle, Bride, Cascade, Gem, Princess)

*Other Sun Hardy Cultivars

C. hybrids: Debbie (and most other C. x Williamsii), Freedom Bell, Night Rider, Black Opal, Nicky Crisp

At our meetings and shows from March to October there are beautiful displays of labelled camellias.